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Christmas Tree Downtown Murphy

Russell Scenic Hwy ~2009

Russell Scenic Hwy ~2020

Horseback riding near Murphy NC

Why and how we ended up with our cabin

Spring 2021

We figured we'd make this blog post about WHY we originally bought a cabin in Murphy North Carolina and what the area has meant to us through the years. 


We had talked about having a 2nd home in western North Carolina for a while. We had vacationed in Murphy and the Blue Ridge area for 10+ years since girls were little. We don't have mountains in Florida obviously, and the entire area is just so different from busy Tampa Bay. 

We have come to ❀ this Appalachian town of Murphy. Not only is it the county seat of Cherokee County, Murphy is known for its lovely flower-lined downtown, with a nature Riverwalk and lots of cute shops, eateries, art gallery and more (even a high end car driving experience), but also for it's central location to spring board to all of the tri-state happenings and activities.  Plus...two rivers run through the town, the Nottley River and the Hiawassee River, pretty cool.

We ended up here by chance way back when our church had a live auction around 2006 or so and we 'won' a weeklong stay in....well guess...Murphy, and not only Murphy, but a beautiful log cabin with a creek near Wells Lake that slept 10-12. Talk about a WOW!! experience! This was our 1st foray with short term, by owner rentals, and we have been hooked ever since. What a different experience from a hotel! So COZY, so PERSONALIZED, so CLEAN, so RELAXING! We came back to this same cabin for about 4-5 years (!!) with various friends and their kids, to day trip adventures in the NC/TN/GA. I will be writing various blog posts on our trips, along with pictures. 

In 2012 we booked a vacation rental cabin overlooking the Nottley River for Thanksgiving, where we'd wake up each morning to a nice fog and dozens of turkeys running wild. And since then, Dave and I have booked various other cabin vacation rentals through the years in this area just for the 2 of us. These getaways usually occur in the fall, when our anniversary falls, and we got to go to wineries, breweries, festivals, or just relax.

So....in 2020 while Florida was on pandemic lockdown, we started taking these nightly walks (like the rest of the U.S.) and during one of those, we decided that in 3 days time, when Dave had the time off, we'd sneak up up to NC, being super careful of course, and meet with a REALTOR. We live 9 hours away so it had to be carefully planned, and then we had to deal with Cherokee County guidelines with shutdown. It took 2 trips and we ended up staying in Franklin and Brasstown, but we found our place. 🏑 It was a super-cute 2/2 hilltop cabin with a pond view, really well maintained. The interior was stuck in the 90s so we had LOTS of remodeling to do! Here is the initial video. 🀠 of us walking the exterior in May 2020, even before we put the winning offer in.

That's our story!

Maria & Dave

July 2020 arrival to remodel

Arriving at the cabin for the 1st time

July 2020-November 2020

July 2020. This picture is actually a screenshot from my phone when Dave arrived at the cabin for the 1st time after we closed 3 weeks earlier. His plan was to spend the next 30 days gutting the home, and completing several major renovation projects until the rest of us arrived in mid-July. He had us on live when he walked through the front door. 

We had of course turned on the electric via BREMC so at least the lights were able to come on. We hadn't been inside since May so it was like being re-introduced so his first thoughts were, "holy crap, there is so much to do." We had a big vision and he couldn't wait to start. Speaking of starting, although the A/C unit worked during the inspection in May, it never came on for Dave, had completely gone kaput. It took 17 days to get a brand new unit because all of the HVAC companies were just going crazy with calls, plus Covid delays at warehouses, but we were told that we were so lucky to get one when we did. Massive remodeling ensued. To the left is a Day 17 video when the whole family was involved with the remodel. He had done so much work at that point, it was definitely a vision taking shape! 


Dave went up several more times over the next few months alone, using up his vacation time. So many projects, and as we lived in Florida, it wasn't as if we could just pop over after work or on a weekend. The two of us went up for 10 days for our anniversary...to work on the cabin. 🀠 Still pinching ourselves that we did this. He got ceiling trim in, door framing, baseboards, while I did some painting, hardware and decor. We (finally) picked up our bedroom furniture from TN on our next trip in November, plus Adirondack chairs and granite countertop and fireplace hearth install.

Subsequent trips in December, March, April and May we did smaller projects. Ready to launch in June 2021! We have a YouTube channel now, Facebook Page and Instagram. Check us out for more info! Thanks!

Downtown Murphy NC

Downtown Murphy

Blue Ridge Scenic Mountain RR near Murrphy NC

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Oktoberfest in Helen Georgia, Woods Upon a Time Cabin Rental in Murphy NC

Oktoberfest in Helen, GA

Asheville Biltmore distance to Murphy NC

Biltmore Estate in Asheville

Things to do in Murphy NC

Summer 2021

There are so many towns to stay or visit, so why Murphy? Well, the short answer is that it is a wonderful Appalachian town. Not only is it the county seat of Cherokee County, but Murphy's central location is PERFECT to spring board to all of the events, festivals and outdoor activities in tri-state North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.


Your getaway story awaits at Woods Upon a Time with abundant outdoor activities within a short drive, including LOTS of area hiking and waterfalls; boating, fishing & canoeing on Lake Hiwassee, Lake Nottley and Lake Chatuge; white water rafting at the Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers; ziplining in Blue Ridge & Helen; kayaking, mountain biking at Piney Knob, Hanging Dog, Jack Rabbit and Brush Creek; river tubing in alpine Helen (such a cute Bavarian town!), horseback riding, rodeo watching in Hiwassee, gem mining in Franklin and other towns, festivals, numerous mountain wineries & breweries, and train rides in Bryson City and Blue Ridge. 

Checkout our Things to Do page with LOTS of links.

In downtown Murphy you can rent a late model Porsche and zoom through the Appalachian Mountains or just take a nice drive along one of the many roads with scenic overlooks and waterfall stop offs. The area is legendary in the nation for the Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway, popular motorcycle routes.

The "City of Flowers" is known for its beautiful downtown, with two rivers running through the town, the Nottley River and the Hiawassee River. Cute shops and restaurants adorn tree-lined streets, and you can find a 3.4 mile Nature Riverwalk right near the old train depot, down from Chevelle's, very popular with locals and tourists alike, as well as Harrah's Cherokee Valley River Casino and Fields of the Wood, a 300 acre religious park.


Our cabin is located just a few miles beyond the GA state line. It is equal distance between downtown Murphy, NC and Blairsville, GA. Driving distances from cabin to downtown areas of:

Murphy, NC - 15 minutes

Chattanooga, TN – 90 minutes

Blairsville, GA – 15 minutes

Blue Ridge, GA – 25 minutes

Ellijay, GA – 45 minutes

Helen, GA – 1 hour

Cleveland, GA - 1 hour

Hayesville, GA - 20 minutes

Nantahala, GA - 45 minutes

Bryson City, NC - 1 hour, 13 minutes

Franklin, NC - 1 hour

Highlands, NC - 1 hour

Atlanta, GA = 2 hours

Asheville, GA = 2 hours

Knoxville, TN = 2 hour

Downtown Murphy NC
Blue Ridge Scenic Mountain RR near Murrphy NC
Oktoberfest in Helen Georgia, Woods Upon a Time Cabin Rental in Murphy NC

We purchased the pond property!

September  2021

Last month, we purchased 4 acres of property directly in front, which includes the 1-acre pond. The property was just too good to pass up. We talked for days (even months) about if we should buy it, and in the end we decided that we would kick ourselves if it was bought by someone else and we watched another home or cabin being built. Uh....nope!! So we took the plunge. The drainage needs repair, so it's going to be done in the next few months during off-season. And we're going to add-in a dock for fishing. We are super excited and glad we did it.  

It is our intention in the next 4-5 years to build a 2nd 2-3 bedroom/2 bath cabin on that site. This will allow for groups travelling together to enjoy family & friend time. . . but then be able to retreat to separate cabins. In the meantime, you are welcome to walk around the pond or try your luck at fishing.

Downtown Murphy NC
Blue Ridge Scenic Mountain RR near Murrphy NC

Holidays are very cozy here!

November 2021

Who doesn't love the holidays, right? Well we are no exception. Dave and I recently came up in mid-November specifically to decorate the cabin for the holiday season and to do some minor maintenance projects and updates. We spent a beautiful (and cold) week together. Temps were lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s...it was PERFECT. We also saw some local friends, tried some restaurants that we hadn't been too before and had firepits almost every night. Daylight Savings Time had just happened so it did get dark around 6:30, so we make sure to do the outside projects early and inside projects (decorating) in the evenings. And now I get to come back up each January and take them down again. It dawned on us that this will be a annual occurrence LOL.  

So, if you' re thinking of traveling to our cabin, please be aware that between mid-November and early January each year, we'll have full dΓ©cor on display, including a Christmas tree and fireplace with garland and stockings, etc. Hope you enjoy!